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Choose you. 

A permanent fat reduction treatment combined with A skin tightening treatment, and you're sure to get beautiful and Permanent results! All treatments are:

✔ Pain-free

✔ Non-invasive

✔ Relaxing

✔ Promotes lymphatic drainage

✔ Removes unwanted toxins from the body

✔ Liquefies and destroys fat cells

✔ Tones and tightens the skin


When working on the abdomen we include the flanks and bra rolls! 

New Policy Update

- during phone consultations, clients are informed of how the treatment process works along with realistic goals and expectations


- clients are informed of the mandatory protocol to follow to ensure they receive the very best results 


- there is a nonrefundable $50 deposit that is applied to your balance of treatment 


- all packages are to be paid in full in order to receive the 10% off package discount


- all promotional packages are to be paid in full. There are no refunds or credits for any promo package pricing. Promotional packages do not receive 10% off, as the promo packages are already discounted


- we understand emergencies happen. We ask our clients give us at least 24 hour notice for any cancelations or request to move appointments. 


- there will be a 50% charge to the card on file for no shows and those who do not cancel within 24hrs of their appointment time.