• Christina Perez

Dreamtone: revolutionary muscle enhancement technology

As the demand for body sculpting grows, our team wanted to deliver more options for both our male and female clients. We are now introducing our professional grade muscle enhancement technology, DreamTONE!

DreamTone is high-energy focused electromagnetic wave technology that can reduce body fat by 19% and increase muscle by 16%. The energy output from electromagnetic fields can continuously expand and compress the muscles, stimulate the motor neurons of the muscles, and deepen the internal structure of the muscles.

DreamTONE takes only 60 minutes per treatment, which is equivalent to about 40,000 muscle contractions. The electromagnetic wave safely enters the muscle tissue as deep as 7cm under the skin in a non-invasive manner, triggers its motor neurons, and reaches the high frequency limit. The super strong muscle contraction greatly increases the energy demand of muscle cells, releases more adrenaline, and promotes the rapid decomposition improving lymphatic blood circulation, promotes a healthy metabolism and improves immunity.

After using the device for treatment, the following effects will be achieved:

1. Strengthen muscles, increase muscles, shape vest line and peach buttocks.

2. Tighten muscles, restore muscle toughness, improve abdominal laxity and sagging buttocks. It can flatten abdomen and tighten buttocks.

3. Consume energy, reduce fat, prevent obesity, and slims the body.

4. Promotes circulation, improves metabolism, removes toxins, and purifies the skin.

Results can be achieved within 4, 6, or 8 sessions. Book a FREE phone consultation where one of our specialist can provide more information and answer any questions you may have on our new DreamTONE treatments!

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